Days of Chalk and Chocolate: DIY Mercury Glass Tree

Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY Mercury Glass Tree

I was browsing in Walmart the other day and found a large glass Christmas tree jar. The top comes off so I guess you can fill it with cookies or whatever. I filled it with creativity and made it into a DIY mercury glass Christmas tree! 

The tree cost me $3.97!  I plan on getting a few of the medium and small sizes too and using them on the mantel at Christmas.

I used the same method to mercury glass it as I did on my candle stick except I sprayed the inside of the container instead of the outside. Basically it's just a little Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, a little vinegar, a paper towel, and that's it! 

I put a little LED tea light inside to make it glow and added some greens (courtesy of Hurricane Sandy) and some silk flowers I made.  Oh and the pine cones were from the 1000's Ellie filled my purse with during Molly's soccer game. Startin' em young.  Pretty soon Ellie will have her own blog:  Days of Poop and Tantrums.

So run out to Walmart and make some too!  Then blog about it and show me!


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  1. So pretty Jenny! I have one of those tree jars that I got from the thrift store a few years ago. You've inspired me to take it to another level :-) Thanks!

  2. What a fantastic idea. It looks wonderful. Megan

  3. Great idea! I saw some mercury glass trees for three times that price and just couldn't bring myself to buy them. That looks great!!

  4. How adorable! Those tree glasses are only like $2, so I love the thriftiness of it! Those silk flowers are also beautiful!

  5. Love the mercury glass! I've got to try some myself. Cheap is the only way to go! Great job!